quite the contrary

I was discussing feminism with a friend of mine and when I told them I was against the idea it quickly turned into an argument where I was being accused of being somewhat misogynistic, that I was so oppressed by men that I’ve accepted ‘my place’ as a woman.

It is quiet the contrary though, I’m against feminism not because I think women don’t deserve equality but because I feel it’s contradictory to fight for equality whilst splitting up the genders.  Is it not sexist in itself to only fight for the rights of women? to split the sexes into two groups further portraying the differences between male and female.  Shouldn’t we as a people, not as male or female, be fighting for the rights of humans as a whole?

I acknowledge that women are more oppressed than men, but by only focusing on the one side we’re drawing that line deeper in the ground while also ignoring the inequalities towards men. There’s two sides to every story.  Feminists fight for the right for women to be able to have children and still work full-time without being judged as being a ‘bad mum’ who is cruel and doesn’t care for her children enough, I agree with this fight, why can dads work full time and not be judged by society yet mums can’t.  However, looking at it from the other side, say the father wants to stay home and look after the children while his wife pursues her career, he’d also get judged by society, judged for not supporting his family, what a wimp, staying at home, making his wife work.

To fight for equality you need to fight for both sexes, fighting for only one sex is, I believe, sexist in itself and doesn’t help the situation. So when I say I’m against feminism I’m not saying I’m against rights for women but rather that I’m against fighting for one sex’s rights whilst ignoring the other sex.


//image taken from: http://serendipityproject.wordpress.com/2011/05/29/may-29-2011-paper-anatomical-model-virtues-household-physician-1924/